A Must For Every Prepper Garden: Potatoes

by Joe

As a prepper with limited resources, getting the absolute most from our efforts can save lives.

Increasing the yield from our gardens by even a fraction might mean there’s enough to eat for one more night.

One way to guarantee more dinner on the table is with the potato.


– The “skinny” on the potato, its nutritional value, and why you need to add this to your garden

– The best way to grow potatoes

– Delicious potato recipes

Here we go!

Potatoes are easy to grow and have a ton of nutritional value.All you really need is some soil, some potable water, and a potato.

The fast-maturing variety will literally multiply into a small, new crop of potatoes in about 90 days!

And you can grow several hundred pounds of potatoes from just one plant.

The potato is made for the prepper!

How Potatoes Will Help You Survive

Did you know that people have literally survived on potatoes alone for years?

One man — as a prison of war — did just that.

He was so impressed by how the simple potato kept him physically fit for so long that he went on to become the “Johnny Appleseed” of potatoes.

From How the potato changed the world:

Trained as a pharmacist, Parmentier served in the army during the Seven Years’ War and was captured by the Prussians—five times. During his multiple prison stints he ate little but potatoes, a diet that kept him in good health. His surprise at this outcome led Parmentier to become a pioneering nutritional chemist after the war ended, in 1763; he devoted the rest of his life to promulgating S. tuberosum.

Parmentier spent the rest of his days spreading the word on the value of the potato.

Nutritional Value Of Potatoes

Here’s a fun infographic on what’s in a potato:

And potatoes are EASY to grow.

Best Way To Grow Potatoes

The best way to grow potatoes is to start with, well… a potato. 😉

Select the variety of potato you want to grow.As long as they’re not the big “baking potatoes” they will reproduce and multiply fast.

We’ll use these potatoes to “clone” our crop.

As Barbara Pleasant shares in How to grow the best potatoes in the world:

*Before planting potatoes, place the spuds you want to plant in a warm, sunny spot. The warmth will encourage sprouting, and exposure to sunlight makes the skins turn green and bitter. This makes them less appetizing to critters.

*One to two days before planting potatoes, cut the sprouting green potatoes into pieces that have at least three puckered “eyes” on each piece. Allow the cut pieces to dry, and don’t be alarmed if they turn black. The darkened, leathery surfaces will resist rotting better than freshly cut ones, so every piece you plant should grow. Plant potatoes that are smaller than a golf ball whole.

When it’s time to plant, the best idea is to do as Mother Nature does, and plant these in the ground.

You can definitely add mulch. But planting in boxes, or other containers doesn’t often work out well.

As Barbara writes:

Many gardeners have tried to grow potatoes in above-ground enclosures made of tires, cardboard boxes, or other containers, which can be successful if the soil stays cool and moist. However, warm root temperatures cause potatoes to stop making tubers, so this is one crop that always grows better in the ground than it does in containers.

So what will we do with all our new, fresh potatoes?

Delicious Potato Recipes

This recipe looks pretty great.

It’s for Crash Hot Potatoes, a recipe this author picked up while visiting Australia.

Her article lays it all out nicely.

And you can find it here:

Crash Hot Potatoes

I haven’t tried these yet, but I sure am looking forward to it!

Allrecipes has a number of delicious potato recipes.

Right on this page (link above) they have listed over a dozen, so if you’re looking for a tasty potato recipe, check them out.

If you have any potato growing questions, please ask them in the comments below. I’ll get the solution for you!

Please share! Help us get the word out, because we’re all in this together!

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