Home Defense Tactics

by Joe

It’s 2 AM.

You’re awoken by the sound of breaking glass.

Next, the familiar creek of your front door opening.

Your pulse hammering in your ears, you grab your Mini 14 equipped with a scope, and you start to move.

Are you ready?

Like Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”


  • Video to make use of your “home court” advantage
  • Two minute tip to greatly increase your security

Home invasion statistics are terrifying.

The intruder defense bag is an important tool to have when defending your home. As is the best SHTF gun.

But with this one, quick tip you can make the most of your home-court advantage.

Grab yourself a pen and paper, and get ready for one solid home defense gun tip.

Let’s dig in!

Home Defense Tactics

Chances are, you know every inch of your home.

Can pace things off in your sleep.

An intruder won’t have this. He’ll be flying blind.

This is a massive advantage.

Here’s how a simple tape measure can help you be prepared for home defense.

This tip is not something most will think about before an invasion happens.

Hope you found this video useful.

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