Fire Starting Now Made Easy

by Joe

It’s cold, wet, dark. You need a fire, NOW.

Imagine if every piece of gear you carry, every handle, every zipper pull, lanyard, and every foot of your lashing cord contained in it fire starting material the burns hotter, faster, and longer than most other fire starting materials on the market.

Oh, and it’s waterproof.

It’s called 550 fire cord.

And it. Is. Cool! 😃

Made from a 550 paracord sleeve with a core that’s a fire starting compound.

It’s fire tinder on every piece of equipment you carry.

The good guys over at Equip 2 Endure have their video about this stuff.

Check it out:

I think this stuff is neat!

How would you use 550 fire cord? Let me know in the comments down below.

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